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This is an everyday occurrence where a client receives a very high water bill on month end indicating a massive water use for that month, to which the client has no knowledge of.
Leaks can occur on the simplest of places where you can spot it easily for the roof causing a wet dripping ceiling, a burst pipe outside above ground, or a tap not closing properly. But then there is the leaks that you only learn about when you receive your monthly water bill. In most cases after a inspection is done, leaks like this is found to hide underground, in walls, behind tiles, under baths and showers etc. Our wide selection of services includes leak detection and we consider ourselves specialists in this field. We use all different methods of leak detection including gas, acoustic and thermal. Making us the preferred company to source and repair those difficult leaks

Blocked drains could become quit a messy job. If your sewage system gets blocked for the first time in a few years, it is most properly a normal blockage and once unblocked and cleaned, should be fine for another few years, however, if you experience this on a regular basis for example Once a month or every 2 months, tree roots are most properly what causes your sewage system to block up. Tree roots can cause extensive damage to your underground drainage and could even cause the pipe to collapse. In some cases the damage and infestation of tree roots is so bad that a piece or line of underground pipe has to be replaced completely and the roots destroyed in that area

Many people do not understand how serious the consequences of a wrongly installed geyser can be. If an installation does not comply with the standards set out in SANS10254 and cannot pass a COC inspection or you suspect that there might be compliant issues with you geyser installation , we recommend giving us a call and we will send out an qualified technician to give you peace of mind. Unlike many people think, plumbing is not just about drains & pipes. There are strict rules and regulations within the industry that we as professional qualified plumbers must abide by at all times, all geyser installations must be done according to SANS standards. If this is not understood by your plumber it means that he cannot guarantee the safety of your household.

Sounds in this category can be anything from banging pipes to hi-pitched noises. This is mostly caused by loose pipes in the roof or wall, or pipes that is improperly anchored or saddled. High water pressure which is very common in some areas could be the cause. An easy solution to cure this problem would be to anchor loose pipes properly with PVC anchors or pipe straps. This can also be related to the old issue of water hammering where in this case usually happens when a tap is opened or closed to fast, the water in the pipe stops suddenly causing the pipe or tap to vibrate rapidly which causes the water hammering. Unbalanced systems could also contribute to this issue. There are a few methods of solving this issue.

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